About BNC

  • What exactly is BNC?

    BNC is a social, sexual, nudist group for hairy men and their admirers. That means bears (big hairy men), otters (thinner hairy men) and the men who love bears and otters get together to get naked, to socialize, and yes, sex happens!

  • How often are the events? Where are they?

    BNC schedules at least three events each month. Our events take place at Chicago’s Touche (leather/levis/bear bar).  With the approval of bear run organizers, you’ll occasionally see us putting together a play party or two at those events in the Midwest…if you belong to a bear club and want to work with us to do just that, all you have to do is let us know!

  • Do I have to be naked at BNC events?

    Short answer: yes.

    Longer answer: We require you to wear shoes, not sandals, flipflops, etc.  BNC encourages fetish-wear, like biker boots, cowboy boots, jocks, hats, armbands, and harnesses. Do we allow shirts, shorts or pants in our play space? Absolutely not. Our middle name is “NAKED”, not “VOYEUR”! If you’re the kind of guy with a self-image so in the gutter that you turn out the lights before you take your clothes off, then you will not feel comfortable here. Picture your high school locker room, but with those studs you drooled over REALLY trading gropes, sucking dick and fucking!

  • What kind of men go to BNC events?

    The same kinds of men you’ll see out on Halsted, except naked! We’re mostly 30-, 40-, and 50-somethings, but have some 20-somethings and 60-somethings, and one known octogenarian. We’re mostly caucasian, but we have many African-American and Latino/Hispanic members and guests. We’re mostly average in build, but we have lots of thinner and lots of heavier men. We have some fur-balls, but we have somewhat hairy men and smooth men, too. We have tops, bottoms, versatiles, jackers, suckers, fuckers, watchers, and men ranging from vanilla to standard leather to kink. We’re friendly, sexy, and above all (besides naked), respectful when someone says “No, thanks!”. You’re always free to go as far as YOU want, as long as it’s safe, sane, and consensual.

  • Is safe sex required?

    We are all adults, and all of us must take responsibility for our own bodies. We don’t require a doctor’s note, and we will not be sex police. We always encourage our members and guests to practice safer sex, and we provide condoms and lube if you forget yours.

  • What about drugs, alcohol, and poppers?

    Our events are in bars. Admission comes with 2 drink tickets. There is a cash bar after your drink tickets are used. We provide pizza at most events. Poppers are always welcome; use of illegal drugs of ANY kind on the premises are NOT welcome.

  • What should I expect to happen when I come in for the first time?

    When you walk in the door, one of our volunteers will ask if you’re a BNC member or a guest…and will verify with a current members list. You can enter as a guest once in a 6-month period, or you can join at the door. You’ll be asked to sign a sign-in sheet, fill out your membership or guest member form, and make your door-cover-donation. Then you can strip, stow your clothes, and mingle! Enjoy the refreshments, the socializing, and the men…and then dress and leave whenever you’ve gotten your fill for the night.

  • Why the fees? Why the door hours? Can I come in late?

    Our membership fees and door donations pay for all our expenses, from space rental to mailings, refreshments and this website. We try to keep costs down while providing good, fun, and comfortable events…which are run entirely by BNC volunteers. The door hours ensure that our volunteers can enjoy themselves, too, and we don’t like being dragged out of a hot scene at hour into the event just because someone decided to try getting in an hour late! As a rule of thumb, we DON’T allow entry to events after the posted door time closes…we might make exceptions under extenuating circumstances (like having a flat tire or getting lost driving in from Wisconsin), OR if you’re getting off work at 10pm and can’t make it until 10:30…contact us via email to get clearance.

  • I’m already a member. Can I bring guests? Do new members or guests need to be sponsored?

    The more, the merrier! Guests are always welcome. Sponsors are not required, but some men feel more comfortable their first time if they come with someone they know. They just need to be 21 and male and able to prove both.

    Guests that aren’t accompanied by a member at Touche events must preregister through our email address. This only applies to events at Touche.

  • I’m thinking about joining (or rejoining)..can I look around first?

    Nope. Suffice to say that BNC events typically draw between 45 and 100 men of all ages, shapes, sizes, colors, and furriness. You can always join at the door and make your donation for the event, but “trial offers” only work if you’re a paid member or guest.

  • I have specific sexual desires or particular types of men I look for…will I get what I’m looking for?

    Hmmm. THAT all depends! We can’t tell you what the particular mix of men will be at any given party…it all depends on who shows up HORNY, what they’re into, and what the flow happens to be that particular night.

    Let’s say you’re into hairy men…NO problem! or men over 30….NO problem! You’ll find some small and average dicks, and you’ll even be happy if you’re a size queen! If you’re older and looking for a younger guy, you’ll find some of them there looking for daddies. If you’re a chub-chaser, you’ll find some men to keep you busy, but if you’re a bigger chub, you might find yourself having to be more patient and share with some of the others. If you’re looking to suck dick NO PROBLEM, and if you’re looking for ass to fuck, you’ll have NO TROUBLE AT ALL!

    If you’re into particular toys, we suggest that you ask potential playmates if they’re into them…you can retrieve those toys from your bag when opportunity arises. If you’re into fisting, you might want to tie a red hanky around the correct ankle to let others know you’re up for it…while that sort of play is rare at BNC events, it DOES happen. If you’re into smaller restraints (e.g., handcuffs, ropes), we suggest doing what we describe with “toys”, above….we do NOT have the space or interest for bigger scenes, including whipping or flogging–if you’re up for that, you might be interested in checking out the Chicago Hellfire Club, which specializes in those scenes–and has the facilities and membership to do it!

    Unfortunately, we are *NOT* a dating service–we can’t and won’t arrange particular scenes for one person…that’s up to YOU to arrange as you circulate among the men at the events.

  • What if I have other questions not here in the FAQs?

    You can e-mail us for more information. Go to the “Contact Us” section of this site…we’ll e-mail you back as quickly as our volunteers can do it!